Future plus was founded in 2010 by the union of a group of Spanish technological executives and entrepreneurs. Their innovator vocation, large knowledge and extensive experience witch is oriented to drive technological innovation in Spain and related countries in strategic and specific sectors that meets Future Plus partner competences.

Future Plus seeks to form a cluster of cutting edge technology companies mainly in Spain, with the aim of promoting innovation, stimulating, supporting, and acting as consultants for companies and investors.

One of the main activities of Futureplus is to support the growth of young companies, SMEs and technology-based businesses, through a Spanish Venture Capital fund, Ámbar, which Future Plus co-created and manage. Ámbar Venture Capital fund, target businesses in the different initial phases of their development, to foster the increase in innovation, productivity and to create value in society. Ámbar focus its investment efforts in sectors and subsectors that heavily invest in technology. In particular Ámbar is concentrating its investment in ICT, both from the horizontal and vertical points of view. See more
FUTURE PLUS is very active in providing consultancy and advice to corporations in Technology related fields. The Services offered include: Identification of business investments opportunities. Technical assessments and due diligences. Operations analysis, planning and improvements. See more